Message of solidarity to the July 27 protests — CPP

Marco L. Valbuena, Information Officer
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 26, 2020

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) extends its solidarity to the various participants of protest actions scheduled for tomorrow across the country.

The protest actions are important because there is need to counter the lies that will be spewed by the tyrant Duterte in his state of the nation address. For four years, Duterte has been spinning a web of lies from his “drug war” and “anti-corruption,” to his efforts to coverup his failure to promptly prepare and address the pandemic.

The demonstrations are important because they must expose the real state of the nation by exposing the situation of the broad masses of the Filipino people marked by widespread joblessness, poverty, hunger and rapid spread of the Covid-19 disease.

The protest actions are an opportunity for the various sectors who have suffered from the regime’s measures — from health workers to jeepney drivers, ABS-CBN workers and teachers, workers, peasants and others — can come together and forge unity and strength.

Only by demonstrating in the streets can they manifest the people’s widespread and intense indignation against the regime’s incompetence, corruption, fascism and repressive measures, complete disregard and abandonment of the people’s well-being. They must collectively voice out their protests against Duterte terror law, the shutting down of ABS-CBN, the militarist approach and lack of public health measures to address the pandemic, the repressive population control measures, plans to impose additional taxes, and other anti-people measures.

The Party denounces attempts by the Duterte regime to prevent people from mounting their mass actions. The regime desperately aims to silence the people and prevent them from mustering their collective power which can only be drawn from their strength in numbers.

Having displayed utter inability to manage the pandemic due to its obsession with its militarist solution, the Duterte regime has zero moral or political right to invoke public health concerns to prohibit people from demonstrating in the streets. In fact, while it wants to prevent people from exercising their right to peacebly assemble, Duterte’s inutile officials have endangered the lives of thousands of people who were made to crowd in the Rizal Memorial Stadium grandstand in Manila as a result of repeated bungling of schedules and other measures covering the travel home to provinces.

Police officials are making it appear that they are being reasonable when they said demonstrations will be allowed inside the UP campus, when in fact, the police and military do not have any right to prevent people from assembling inside the campus.

While the situation is bad in the National Capital Region and in the city centers, where the police and military outrightly abuse their powers right under the glare of local and international media, it is far worse in the rural areas where people live under martial law conditions where democratic rights are almost non-existent.

The Party applauds the Filipino people’s progressive and democratic forces for the display of unity and courage in advancing their democratic causes and their struggle to end the tyranny of the Duterte regime.


Read about the national democratic perspective on pressing issues — from the Kabataang Makabayan National Spokesperson.

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Maria Laya Guerrero

Read about the national democratic perspective on pressing issues — from the Kabataang Makabayan National Spokesperson.