Duterte is preparing the stage for all-out dictatorship

Maria Laya Guerrero
2 min readJul 10, 2020



In spite of massive backlash from the masses during the initial cease-and-desist order against ABS-CBN’s television broadcast, the most recent attack on press freedom comes today as Congress votes down the ABS-CBN franchise renewal application.

The past week saw global resistance to Duterte’s Anti-Terror Law which threatens greater human rights abuses and state-sponsored terrorism. Now, Duterte’s gofers in Congress hammer down yet another nail in the coffin of the people’s democracy.

No consideration was made for the thousands of workers who suddenly found themselves empty-handed and without a job — during a public health crisis, no less. Nor was there any thought about the millions more who relied on ABS-CBN for the most basic news updates in the country and are now left to grasp blindly in the dark.

In fact, this is undoubtedly part of Duterte’s scheme to keep dissenters mum especially with the growing public clamor for his ouster. He is trying to silence the press to hide the increased atrocities his minions and uniformed men are ready to commit with his new terror law.

By ordering the total shutdown of one of the biggest media players in the country, the administration effectively manipulates and threatens the entire industry. Duterte is cautioning his critics against standing up to him. At the same time, he is trying to put on a display of power for all his ruling class allies and imperialist bosses.

Duterte and his cohorts prove once again that this regime is as anti-democratic and anti-people as it gets.

But despite the relentless strongman maneuvers of Duterte, these continued attacks on press freedom coupled with efforts to further state-sponsored terrorism show nothing but the administration’s desperation. The COVID-19 crisis served only to stir up the masses and expose the uselessness and fascism of the Duterte administration. Now, the people are ready to spring into action.

Kabataang Makabayan calls on all patriotic youth and all democratic forces to wage even bigger fights against Duterte’s dictatorial maneuvers. The fight to defend press freedom continues. Duterte’s cheap tactics will not delay his downfall. The people will oust the dictator.



Maria Laya Guerrero

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